Plentiful running waters, picturesque paths, frilled coasts consist the characteristic of the prefecture that has an excellent developed tourist infrastructure.

Pagasetic Gulf

The Pagasitic Gulf is a relatively closed and shallow sea that forms between the main Greek peninsula and the Pelion peninsula.

The Pagasitic Bay covers an area of 175 square kilometers and has a maximum depth of about 102 meters. The opening (entrance) of the bay is bounded on the south, towards the Euboean Gulf and the Aegean Sea, between Cape Trikeri, Magnesia (east), and the Cape Cross on the northeast inland of Fthiotida (west), only 4 km long.

The island of Skiathos

Skiathos is the closest land to the Sporades islands. It is 41 nautical miles away. from the capital of Magnesia, Volos and only 2.4 miles from the coast of southern Pelion. The area of the island is 48 sq. Km.

In the city of Skiathos is the house of Alexander Papadiamantis, who was born and lived on the island. There is also a small peninsula in the port of the city that divides it into two. There are many old churches and monasteries on the island.

The island of Skopelos

If your ideal vacation is relaxation, natural beauty and local character, Skopelos focuses its lights on it. A city of painting, with narrow alleys and neoclassical architectural settings.

Skopelos, the protagonist of the musical Mamma Mia, has made her famous everywhere. Starring in your holidays, which will have more than … happy ending!

The island of Alonnisos

On the west side of the Aegean Sea, on the edge of the Sporades, Alonissos is waiting for you to entice you with its unpretentious charm. It looks like it was cut from the side of Pelion and left in the Aegean to Armenia. Alonnissos is one of those Greek islands that offers you generous relaxation holidays and a thousand pictures of beauty. If you are looking for a quiet holiday on an island that allows nature to knit its praise, here you will find your favorite vacation spot. Pure and authentic, she does not show off her beauty by shouting, but leaves the wind to carry her secret.

Ways to arrive


From Athens via the Athens – Lamia National Road the distance is 324 km and is covered from frequent bus service in 4 hours. You can also choose EXPRESS routes (don’t stop at Almyros and Nea Anchialos).

The distance from Thessaloniki is 216 km. The KTEL transports you to the city of Volos in 2 hours and 30 minutes.


The trains (from Athens to Thessaloniki) stop in Larissa. There you have to board to another train to Volos.

For more information you can call OSE on the itineraries at 1110 (billing an urban unit) or at 24210 28555 or 24210 24056 (Monday – Friday 07:30 to 14:30).


The nearest international airports are the airport of Nea Anchialos just outside Volos, the airport Macedonia in Thessaloniki and El. Venizelos at Athens, with frequent flights performed by Greeks and foreign airlines.

There are also direct charter flights to Nea Anchialos Airport, as well as regulars flights from various airlines.

Useful Numbers

OSE: 1110

KTEL: 8001135555

Volos Station: 2421033254

Athens Station: 2108329585

Thessaloniki Station: 2310595424

TAXI: 2421027777